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Congratulation For KINGJOY Won The Beijing P&E Hualong Award Again
- Apr 26, 2019 -

Congratulation for KINGJOY won the Beijing P&E Hualong Award Again


Gathering a various of the professional in photography equipment, reviewing the industry mission and future, During .12-15th, Apr the 2019 China P&E solemnly opened at Beijing Exhibition Centre, Beijing, and holding the award ceremony for numerous photography equipment manufacturer. The 12th Hualong Awards cover various prize for the industry.


President Mr.Zhang Hongbin represent the company Attended and received medal and certificate of honor


KINGJOY as the multi-type photography equipment leads in manufacturer in Zhongshan, manufacturing various of photography equipment, its quality and design were widely recognized. Recent years, KINGJOY adhering to the business philosophy of KINGJOY intelligent made, create 100 years company, focus on the R&D of the 3-axis gimbal, keep developing and manufacturing , delivering gimbals in home and out aboard, It has been praised by all fields of society. Accepted by the global market as high quality KINGJOY product, meets the various demand of consumer, it is either KINGJOYs original intention, or all KINGJOY people insist on.


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