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Exhibition Preview丨Photokina2018 · Kingjoy Appears In Germany
- Sep 21, 2018 -

The World Image Expo (2018 Photokina) is the world's largest international video professional exhibition. It is the leading exhibition in the photography and imaging industry. It is the only one in the world that provides all imaging media, imaging technology and comprehensive imaging market display for mass consumers and professionals. The exhibition aims to create a world-leading trading platform for the latest development trends of the international audio-visual, optical, photographic equipment and other industries.


Kingjoy Photographic Equipment Co., Ltd was specially invited by the exhibition, and will combine the theme of this exhibition to open a unique photography tour for the exhibitors. Different photography enjoyment, different viewing experience, let Kingjoy create a unique photography party for you.


German World Image Expo2018Photokina

DateSep 26-29th, 2018

Booth No.Hall 5.2 F-035-(100m2

Exhibition Add:Koelnmesse, Koln, Germany


As the world's leading expert in the field of photographic equipment, Kingjoy will show the latest R&D products and the series of R&D product stabilizers that Kingjoy has made an explosive breakthrough in recent years, providing high quality for users who are interested in video shooting.


Exhiibition Model


Highlight 1: PhoeniX D News Conference


PhoeniX D3 Oversea DebutInnovative stabilizer design, multi-function for photographers to experience movie-level video works.


Double focus control, master of "Focus" art - real-time adjustment of the SLR through the configured data line, added focus and pitch dial, you can focus on the camera with the stabilizer, the manual dial is divided into two wheels with different sizes, which corresponds to the adjustment of the focal and focal length of the camera.


Built-in foldable tripod base - PhoeniX D3 handle surface covered with non-slip silicone, feels comfortable; with the built-in tripod bracket, the bottom locking device is transformed into a tripod, on which the stabilizer is quickly placed.


Roll mode, explore creative shooting mode - shooting in this mode can take a dynamic lens, in the roll following mode, the picture looks tilted and unbalanced, which will make the composition of the picture vivid.


Highlight 2: Light V5 News Conference


As the latest mobile phone stabilizer for landing on foreign platforms, its unique features enables users to experience the beautiful enjoyment of mobile phone shooting, a number of self-timer beauty features for users to create the most beautiful self, self-timer luminosity, angle, freshness. Light V5 definitely meets the needs of short-term video shooting.


Exclusive Beauty Fill Light

Built-in three level brightness loop options - one person, one machine to create a film-level shooting team effect


Selfie Extension Sticker - integrated by selfie sticker and stabilizer for extended shooting distance

Face Recognition and Follow-up Function - by connecting the mobile phone app, you can mark the face, realize automatic face recognition tracking, selfie live broadcast as you like

Highlight 3: Aurora Tripod


The Aurora Tripod integrates years of research and development experience of Kingjoy, allowing photographers to freely cope with tough shooting conditions.

It includes advanced 10X carbon fiber foot tube and 180° reversed design;

Dust-proof and anti-skid locking system, powerful fast locking force, with dust and anti-skid protection function;

The external pull-off gear adjustment system can easily adjust the angles of the tripod;

Flange design, with strong support, hard anodized, gorgeous and more durable.


Free Fashionable Shoulder Bag



2018 Photokina Germany

Kingjoy is looking forward seeing you there